Couples Therapy

Most couples who seek counseling are weighted down with unresolved issues.

To deal with these problems I teach partners how to communicate more effectively, how to resolve past issues, and how to heal the wounds inflicted by their past, allowing them to see each other more clearly, and eliminate the interference of elements outside of the relationship.

I have been helping both gay and straight couples for over ten years to create lasting, healthy, and loving relationships whether they have been near breaking up, are just beginning a new relationship, or are simply seeking to enhance an already good relationship. I can offer opportunities for couples to:

  • Discover and eliminate the blocks which inhibit their ability to establish a deeper emotional connection with their partner.
  • Identify how their differences can enhance their relationship, creating opportunities for healing and growth.
  • Understand the power of intimacy, and how it can fuel and expand their sexual energy towards each other.
  • Increase their capacity to become closer, without feeling engulfed or fearing abandonment.
  • Establish a deeper reverence for each other, creating an unquestioned trust and an unbreakable bond.
  • Celebrate and feel joyful again!
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