Group Therapy

Individuals often want or need additional support, and to learn how to interact with others in healthier and more effective ways.

My groups provide ways to work on deep core issues which individual therapy sometimes can’t reach.

Group therapy is an intensified experience, because of the diverse background, histories, and perspectives of the members. Additionally, a therapeutic relationship is formed, as in individual therapy, but on a greater scale, creating more opportunities for growth and an overall richer experience.

For instance, while one member is working, other participants often relate or identify with that member’s story, and their own healing is accelerated, making progress occur that much more quickly. In addition to this, the natural phenomenon of conflict arises, and participants are allowed to examine and take ownership of projections from their past, and create healthier resolutions to conflict.

It is very exciting to see clients learn to work through their feelings, identify and assert their needs, and improve in negotiating conflicts. Skillfully guided group work is therapy at its best!

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