Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is a process of changing our awareness of ourselves and the results of our actions. I guide my clients through identifying which behaviors in their life are not working for them, such as methods of coping which may have been helpful during childhood and adolescence, but which have no bearing in their current world, and which hinder their current progress.

Clients are also encouraged to examine the values that they were given by their family of origin and decide which ones help them, and which ones hinder them. All of this is a process, and the major goal is to allow you, the client, to become aware that unlike during your childhood when people made choices for you, you are now able to make the choices, and are able to decide how you want to live your life!

With the guidance provided in the therapeutic process, you can learn how to counter the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs from your past, nurture yourself, and make positive decisions and changes in your life. Advantages of therapy include:

  • An expanded range of behavioral choices (learning to be truly you!)
  • Recovery from addictive cycles and ending compulsive behaviors.
  • Letting go of grief and loss.
  • Healing the wounds of physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional abuse.
  • Learning to cope with chronic and life threatening illness.
  • Strengthening and integrating your mental, emotional, and physical skills, creating a more complete you.
  • Heightening your awareness of causes, reactions, and effects in your life, allowing you to find more clearly your own path through life.
  • Increasing your strength and ability to exercise your own voice, to advocate for your own needs.
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