Retreats & Workshops

In the following variety of workshops, participants push through personal impasses to deal with core issues in a deep and meaningful way.

Therapy Marathon Weekend

A safe, effective, and innovative therapy weekend combining therapeutic, educational, and sound experiential processes based in extensive training in Body-Mind Psychotherapy. Integrating the practice of psychotherapy with techniques such as body awareness, breath, movement, role playing and emotional expression supports participants to identify and increase insights and promote new positive beliefs and behaviors. The Therapy Marathon Weekends are a great supplement to individual, group, as well as, couple therapy.

COW (Creating OUR Way)

This series of workshops and retreats is designed exclusively to help gay men find joy and energy in living. The workshops provide a safe environment to work through common issues and seek out the rewards of self-realization and better relationships with other gay men.

Motional Processing

A series of workshops utilizing a body-oriented approach to enhance discovery, growth, and change. This series includes the Moving Images, Rediscovery of the Self, and Colors workshops. Each is based on the belief that how we move in our bodies is how we move through our lives – if we clarify this connection we can facilitate change and dramatically alter old patterns and limiting beliefs, thus improving our lives now and forever.

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